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Prevention and Treatment of Life-Threatening COVID-19 May Be Possible with Oxygen Treatment

Keywords: SARS CoV-2, Autonomous Nerve System, Brain Hypoxia, Dysautonomia

Title: Prevention and Treatment of Life-Threatening COVID-19 May Be Possible with Oxygen Treatment

Publisher: MDPI Open Access Journal (Print: Life 2022, 12, 754) (Online: 05/19/2022)

Pressure: 1.3 ATA & 2.5 ATA

Oxygen Concentration: 21% & 100%

Duration: unknown

Sessions: unknown

Conclusion: Preliminary evidence on the use of elevated ambient pressure for COVID-19-associated respiratory failure is very promising.

It will also be important that the medical community change its prevailing opinion and understand that oxygen itself is not toxic, that rather, with adequate dosing it has a crucial curative role. Many illnesses in which hypoxia may play an important pathogenetic role could be treated with pure oxygen and, if necessary, with elevated pressure. In the presence of a proven oxygen deficiency, it is not ethical to withhold additional oxygen, and at the correct dosage, which, as the Chinese studies have shown by measurements, may require the use of a pressure chamber. Although there is an enormous amount of reliable data on the importance of ambient pressure for the appropriate oxygenation of tissues, particularly for the most sensitive of them, the brain, it appears that the real significance of pressure in respiratory function is not fully understood even by most competent medical professionals.

It seems likely that the improvement in tissue oxygen content using even compressed air at 1.3–1.5 ATA would be valuable judged on the well-established benefit of descent in high altitude pulmonary and cerebral edema. This pressure increase might be life-saving for many COVID-19 and other critically ill patients. If this alternative were included in the therapeutic regimen of COVID-19, it might be that this disease could be reduced in severity and become just another “flu”, i.e., influenza.

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