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Prevention and Treatment of Life-Threatening COVID-19 May Be Possible with Oxygen Treatment

Keywords: SARS CoV-2, Autonomous Nerve System, Brain Hypoxia, Dysautonomia

Title: Prevention and Treatment of Life-Threatening COVID-19 May Be Possible with Oxygen Treatment

Publisher: MDPI Open Access Journal (Print: Life 2022, 12, 754) (Online: 05/19/2022)

Pressure: 1.3 ATA & 2.5 ATA

Oxygen Concentration: 21% & 100%

Duration: unknown

Sessions: unknown

Conclusion: The study by Wolf and colleagues1 is a non-sham/non-placebo/non-controlled Phase II two composite dose study of hyperbaric therapy (hyperbaric air and hyperbaric oxygen) in U.S. veterans with PCS from mTBI with or without PTSD. The study demonstrated significant net improvements in PCS and PTSD symptoms with both doses of hyperbaric therapy, improvements that are similar in magnitude to other therapies for PTSD and greater than would be expected for PTSD and PCS over time without treatment based on the natural history of the diseases and published persistence rates in veterans.50,51 Their results are thus comparatively effective to other existing therapies for PTSD and possibly PCS of mTBI.

Read the full study.

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