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Different oxygen treatment pressures alter inflammatory gene expression in human endothelial cells

Keywords: Inflammation

Title: Different oxygen treatment pressures alter inflammatory gene expression in human endothelial cells

Publisher: Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine: Journal of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Inc (Print: 2013 Mar-Apr;40(2):115-23) (Online: 03/2013)

Pressure: 1.5 ATA & 2.4 ATA

Oxygen Concentration: 96.7% & 97.9%

Duration: 90 min

Sessions: 1

Discussion Excerpt: Our study demonstrates a significant effect of PO2 on mRNA expression of genes involved in angiogenesis (VEGFB, ANGPT2 and CTGF) with the greatest reduction being seen at 1.5 atm abs when compared to the chronic wound model conditions.

Interestingly, oxygen at 1.5 atm abs affected many genes much more strongly than oxygen at 2.4. The reasons for this effect are unknown, but it does raise questions about the most appropriate treatment pressures for inflammatory conditions. As well as different facilities differing in their treatment protocols for the same conditions, different conditions are treated with different treatment pressures, and more research is needed to investigate the most appropriate treatment pressures for individual conditions. The benefit of reduced risks of oxygen toxicity when treating with oxygen at lower pressures have long been recognized, and rather than treating patients according to convention, there are important advantages to be gained by performing more studies to monitor wound healing under different treatment pressures.

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